Enough of this cheating bug talk.  Back to the fighting and such.

I arrived on Siege to hear that the Shadowclan Orcs were attacking.  Of course I ran into battle and fell to paralyze/box trick.  Did I mention I hate paralyze.  I hate paralyze.

I requiped and counter attacked.  The Vesper citiznes were attacking from teh north and I from the south.  I was hoping to cause a little disruption to the Orc tactics by attacking their mage and disrupting their formation.

This tactics didn't exactly work great.  They tended to run around my fields...

After the battle I headed up to the Pumpkin Patch Tavern that just opened on the little pennisula SouthWest of the Minoc/Vesper road.  Very nicely decorated I must say.

I chatted with a member of the guild that owns the tavern.  It seems she's a tamer.  Tamers make good money selling dragons & such and killing monsters with them.  She has *pinky on lip* ONE MILLION GOLD in the bank. 

I felt it was time to give my feeble taming skill another shot.  I was able to round up a combat ally in BattlePig.  Murders beware, my mad taming skillz will rox jou!