Hunt for Pure Ash

I heard that the Birmingham, needed some help finding more pure reagents.  Not being an alchemist, I dont' care much for reagents, but these hunts usually end up with some fun fighting, so I headed to Caylendrael (sp?).  It's near the Shrine of Spirituality. 

Quite an assortment of people them.  I was dashing, as usual, in new armor, astride my mount Scout. 

Notice many wearing the same Wizard's hat.  Wake up people, the Wizard's hat is LAST YEAR'S fashion.  I really wish people would pay more attention to style.  Look at those two guys in red with shields in the upper left.  That is good matching colors, not wearing a helm while talking...  Good form boys!

Birmingham on the other hand, insists on wearing the same school girl outfit everyday.  Boring!  I brought her a nice white cap I found in the Graveyard battle last night.  She refused to wear it.

I make a standing offer of 5,000 gold for anyone that tells me when I can find Birmingham in a full length dress.  

I digress.  It seems that to get the pure ash, we needed to meet up with one of British's lackeys, Lt. Arn Denholm.  Being a lazy guy, he asked us to escort the thief Velo from Trinsic to Britain.

Soon I understood why.  Velo, in orange, is a huge blabbermouth.  Ranting all the time, he was a pain.

Just past the bridge between Trinsic & Britain, hordes of pirates attacked.  The escort group soundly defeated them.  The ground was strewn with dead pirates.
Shortly after this image, Denlor Darkblade, got fed up with Velo's rantings.  Denlor stuck Velo with his poison blade, but all the mages saved the talkative theif.  Somehow, Sir Mondane got killed.  I don't know the story, but Mondane wants Denlor's hide.  Join the club, Mondane.
We got to Britain where Denholm was waiting for Velo.  Velo seemed to lose consciousness and Denholm seemed thankful that Velo's mouth was shut. Very boring ending to the escort.
When I got back to Birmingham's lab she sent us to the Temple on the Isle of Fire.  I was in the first wave.  We killed a few elementals and demons before everyone arrived.  Outside the temple was the sulfur that Bree was looking for.

Word was sent and she arrived with her special silver scissors.  Some how she got a sample with scissors.  Personally, I would have used a shovel...

They started talking about heading to the Shrine of Truth at this point.  I had enough and headed to bed.

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