The Pink Alliance, Page 1

Background:  As the shard of Siege Perilous has evolved, so have the complexities of warfare.  The simple days of reds vs. blues are long gone.  Several murderer guilds have renounced their innocent killing ways.  These guilds include CE, ToM, and VJ.  Personally, I have a lot of doubt about this change of heart.
This change of heart, combined with a renewed Anti Murderer effort, but the Anti guilds, resulted in the first combined operation to strike at the scourges of GC, OGD, and UDL, preeminent murder guilds.
Rampage of DC, suggested pink as the combat color.  We felt sure that in pink, it would be simple to discern the enemy from the allies.  Little did we consider at the time the siginificane of pink, the combination of blue and red.
So, the Pink Horde was born.  The named, coined by the Imperialium paper writers, seems to fit.  Ready for combat, the following guilds were seen.  My apology if I missed your guild.  BLD, -X-, BiH, TBC, EoN, KGB, W'S, LoV, ROK, KOA, OGG, TdC, CoL, PrG, and the former murderer guilds, CE, VJ, and ToM.
Hearing about the gathering forces in Coventry, the combined GC/OGD forces also prepared.  Thanks to Paerin of OGD for this image and others.
As so, the battle was joined on the green fields of Coventry and and new era began on Siege Perilous.  Click the image for a bigger picture.
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