The battle for Martoo Saul!
Last night, the bloodthirsty thugs of Lord Breetosh sent poor Martoo Saul to his death!  If there has ever been a doubt as the true villains in this conflict, it was dispelled last night.  Lady Birmingham is personally responsible for this murder. 

Blood Clan has fought twice before to protect and free the captive FOA leaders.  We and our allies have given our very lives for this cause many times.  We failed to secure Zendella's release but were successful with Junin Pince.  Last night we attempted to free Martoo Saul from bondage. 

In the days since Junin's freedom, an enormous amount of diplomacy was seen in striking alliances for this final battle.  Lady Birmingham publicly said that SAS would not aid her forces, a lie.  King David announced his support of the FOA but turned on us at the last mintue, another lie.  Tell me again who the honorable guilds are?  I cannot blame Birmingham for asking SAS's help, they are formidable fighters (when not doing my laundry…).  Blood Clan has been honorable in this fight, never a question as to our loyalties.  Other guilds seem to follow the blowing wind. 

The FOA army decided to make a stand at the Serpent Spine Pass.  A large formidable army gated to the western side of the pass to await the puppet army of Breetosh.  Grimm of the SAS taunted the FOA army, attempting to led them into a trap.  Soon the FOA army was under attack from both sides.  The FOA fought valiantly, but alas the numbers were against us.  I, myself, was slain by Dyvim Slorm, the Oasisian and former Peasant Killer, and his thugs.  After resurrecting, I challenged both Dyvim and Grimm to single combat. I was wearing no armor and wielded but a practice sword.  Their thugs killed me and complained I didn't have more loot for them. 

Lord Breetosh's army seemed more concerned about looting the fallen enemy than getting Martoo to Yew.  Time and time again I heard the thugs gloating over the loot of fallen FOA warriors.  Who are the real villains here? 

The FOA army was overrun and was unable to mount a second effective counterattack.  The brave FOA warriors fought on against overwhelming numbers.  Mounting attack after attack, the FOA struck at the escort army all the way to the town limits.  The two Ladies guarding Martoo seemed near impervious to harm! 

Once in town, the foulest deed was done.  Martoo was escorted into the Yew Court of Lies.  Resistance at this point was futile.  The area swarmed with Guards.  Martoo stood valiantly in the docket when G'Thunk, the foul troll was summoned forth by Breetosh's forces.  Not brave enough to kill Martoo themselves, the escort army watched G'Thunk strike a defenseless and bound Martoo dead.   

Never before has such a cowardly act been committed in Britaina.  The entire FOA fought and gave their live s to prevent this public execution.  Is this what Oasis, HoC, SAS, PAS, LoA, and the rest of the escort army stand for?  Public execution with out trials? 

While the FOA army may have lost the tactical battle, it is clear that we won the moral victory. 

 Free Junin Pince!  Free Zendella Kxris!  Free Martoo Saul!  Down with Lord British. 

The FOA Army rallied on the beautiful DOM Isle.
The FOA army divides into attack teams.. 
Again, I, Glendor, was asked to meet with Junin Pince and Del Thorrin and bring them to the FOA Army.
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