Help the Followers of Armageddon!
Last night, on the Shard of Sonoma, the Blood Clan (BLD) protested the illegal imprisonment of Junin Pince, Zendella Kxris, and Martoo Saul, all Followers of Armageddon.  Led by Blood Leader Grunk Half Orc, the Blood Clan traveled shard hoping to bring justice into the open.  BLD traveled to Vesper, the YMCA, Britain, and Trinsic to spread the word.  Look for protests in other places soon.

Lord British, our absentee ruler, has thrown those that speak out against him in jail.  He has sent his deceived minions out to hunt Junin down while on a simple rock hunt.  Junin is a rock collector.  Why does he not have the freedom to collect rare blackrocks?  Does anyone stop British from collecting his stupid shields?  Can't a man have a hobby?  Lord British's laws are a joke, and his guards are murderous thugs!  Who has Junin ever harmed?  No one!

People seemed to be concerned that Junin was calling for the end of the world.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  The Followers of Armageddon are simply calling for a cleansing.  How many times have you been traveling only to be disgusted by the trash and endless slums filling Sosaria?  Too many times!  Who can argue against cleaning our land?  No one!

The Followers of Armageddon, the Blood Clan, and their allies call upon all to rise up and protest Lord British's unfair and illegal imprisonment of Junin Pince, Zendella Kxris, and Martoo Saul.  You can find the Blood Clan near the Bank in Vesper or roaming the land looking to set Junin free!   Free Junin Pince!  Free Zendella Kxris!  Free Martoo Saul!  Down with Lord British.

Blood Clan begins their protest in front of Vesper Bank.
Blood Clan rapidly gains believers in Junin's innocence.  Here you see Sir Perceval ready to fight for Junin! 
Blood Clan blockaded the Vesper Bridge to raise the consciousness level of Junin's plight..
Blood Clan traveled to the YMCA to spread the word further.  Most there seemed more interested in drinking milk and eating cookies than justice. 
Blood Clan even traveled to much hated Britain to protest at the crowded bank.
We didn't realize that the bridge in Britain was so BIG.  Thieves kept stealing our flour blockade.  The blockade became an informational picket.
Finally Blood Clan traveled to Trinisic to protest further.  
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