Followers of Armageddon
Blood Clan responded to calls of attack at the YMCA tower, but found no enemy.  Billbo, a member of WSA asked to speak with Grunk, Blood Clan leader, privately.  I, Glendor, accompained Grunk as bodyguard.  Billbo took us into the woods to meet Junin Pince.  The pictures below tell the tale.  Junin wears the blue cape, Grunk is carries the spear, Billbo wears green and purple, and Glendor wear a green kilt.
Junin began by asking if Blood Clan thought Lord British was doing a good job. Grunk agrees that he is an absent leader and has let problems grow in Sosaria
Here Junin Pince reveals that he is a Follower of Armagedon.  Part of the group that Lord British warned the shard about.
Here is then necklace that Junin speaks of as the emblem.
Junin responds when questioned if he is part of the group that was based under the tanner's shop in Vesper.
Junin was asked why Blood Clan should support the Armageddon destruction that Lord British warned of during the speech.
Further explanations.
Here, Junin asks for help in finding artifacts.  He also asked for supplies.  Evidently, his group lost everything fleeing Lord British.  Billbo & Grunk gave him spellbooks.  Junin asked for armor and gold to fund the fight. 

Junin was asked to introduce us to his compatriots.  We gated to Vesper Bank.

Here we meet Junin's compatriots, Zendella Kxris and Martoo Saul.  They had been asking passersby for help in front of the bank.  They did not want to talk openly here for fear of Lord British.
Zendella wearing the Followers of Armageddon emblem.
Martoo wearing the Followers of Armageddon emblem.
The group headed to the nearby Miner's Guildhouse in Vesper to talk further.  All three asked for help in fighting Lord British.  Zendella had quite a temper and stormed off in a bit.  She did slip and mention a Leader of the movement  When asked about the leader, the three obviously lied and said that Martoo was the leader. 

Blood Clan gave them a small amount of gold to pay for lodging at an inn. 

Blood Clan agreed to arrange for supplies and to meet up with the group later in Vesper.  Billbo is also gathering supplies

Out of character:  These three are obviously part of the bigger Zog Cabal/Followers of Armageddon storyline that is going on now.  All three were completely in character the entire time.  They did not seem interested in a specific quest that evening, but more interested in getting the momentum of the story going.  The entire encounter lasted more than an hour. 
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